Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.  "Rainbow Lodge"
A culturally-based, cognitive-behavioral
approach for addictions treatment.


(Rainbow Lodge)



Program Information - 2016



 Adult Intake/Referral Form 2016 

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The treatment program has been renewed, we utilize a more culturally-based, cognitive-behavioural approach for addictions treatment.


Please find attached our revised 2016 client referral package for the four-week Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program at Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. (Rainbow Lodge). Please begin utilizing this package for referrals.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

This package contains information on the referral process, program information, application form, Pre-Admission Medical Form, admittance procedures, and upcoming cycle dates.  Please make copies of this Treatment Referral Package for future use.  You may fax the completed Treatment Referral Forms to (705) 859-2325 or mail it to us.

Please ensure all areas of the Referral Forms are completed in full.  Missing information will delay the process.  

We require:

1)  Adult Intake/Referral Form  

2)  Pre-Admission Medication Form 

3) DUSI-R (Drug use Screening Inventory-Revised) Assessment, to be submitted before the application is screened for appropriateness for our treatment program, and other information that may be required.

Clients are required to provide one (1) piece of picture identification before proceeding to  Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre; this identification will be requested by our drivers at the pick-up location or by staff upon arrival at the centre.

Thank you for considering Ngwaagan Gamig.  If you have further inquiries regarding our intake procedure, please do not hesitate to call.




(Revised: Jan 2, 2016)

56 Pitawanakwat Street Wikwemikong, Ontario P0P 2J0

P.O. Box 81,

Tel: 1.705.859.2324

Fax:  1.705.859.2325

Toll Free:  1.877.649.2242


General email:





Referrals will be accepted from the following sources:

·    Self referrals

·    Community-based Counsellors, CHR’s, NNADAP

·    Social service workers

·    Health-related agencies


The treatment program is intended for males and females, 18 years of age and older, determined to become abstinent from their substance use/abuse. Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc. will accept for treatment, First Nations people who meet the referral process from any geographical area.




1.   Completion of the Collaborative Treatment Referral Form with Pre-Admission Medical Form

2.   Standardized Assessment Tools to be submitted – (Admission, Discharge, Assessment Tools)

3.   A telephone interview with the referral worker and/or client, additional info. May be requested.

4.   Screening of applications will be completed prior to approval. Incomplete applications will delay the process of screening.

5.   Clients appropriate for our program will be put on a WAIT LIST until a bed becomes available.  The client is expected to continue preparing for treatment by engaging in pre-treatment services.

6.   Once a bed is available, an ACCEPTANCE LETTER with an ADMISSION DATE is sent.  Admission to our centre is approved only with an Acceptance Letter.

7.   One week prior to admission, we will conduct a telephone interview with the client and receive an update on Pre-treatment services and/or client readiness.  If any concerns/issues are disclosed, there may be a delay in admission.

8.   Travel arrangements to and from the centre are the responsibility of the referral worker or client, and are be confirmed with our Intake office.   Lack of confirmation of travel arrangements may be considered cancellation of the admission.

9.   Any no shows on the Admission Date will be considered cancellation, and beds will be filled with those on the wait list.




The referring agency representative is expected to prepare clients for treatment by making the client aware of the following:

·     To review the treatment process with client, to familiarize client with alcohol/drug treatment programs, in the areas of house policies, resident's rights/responsibilities, and client expectations.

·        Client is willing to attend to any pre-treatment activities and/or referral to an addictions agency.

·        Clients must be detoxified from alcohol and free with withdrawal symptoms at least one month

·        Determined to live a healthier way of life.

·        Clients must demonstrate willingness and be able to participate in treatment.

·        All clients must be willing to abide by Ngwaagan Gamig Recovery Centre Inc.’s policies and procedures.

·        Personal/Business matters which include finances, medical appointments, child care, family, personal relationships and legal issues must be taken care of prior to admission so as not to interfere with treatment.

·        It is recommended that couples not be referred to the same four-week program.



·      Monday is the usual travel day for admission day into our four-week treatment program and may change at the discretion of the treatment centre.

·          Time of arrival must be forwarded to intake office prior to admission. Any delays/cancellations must be reported as soon as possible by the worker or client.  If we do not receive information of delays, this may result in loss of bed space.

·          If a client changes his/her mind regarding admission, please telephone us as soon as possible to allow others the earliest possible notice for bed availability.

·        If a client appears on admission day without having received the ACCEPTANCE LETTER, this client will not be admitted into the treatment program nor the facility.  The client will be requested to return home to contact their referral source.

·            If a client cancels his admission, his/her application will not be kept active, they will need to reapply.



·        Once the beds have been filled, we continue with the  “WAIT List”.  As cancellations occur, we will fill the bed spaces with applicants who are treatment ready.

·        The referral agency will be contacted if a bed becomes available to determine if the client is ready for treatment and able to attend. The client will need to arrive at our facility as soon as possible.



·        On Tuesday, the following day of admission, we will telephone and advise the referral source if their client did not arrive for admission.

·        If a client calls to cancel, we will ask client to contact their referral source to advise of same.



·        Requests for re-admission into our treatment program will be dealt with on an individual basis.

·        Any referring agency requesting re-admission of a former client must be able to provide reasons why re-admission is likely to be helpful.