Board of Directors

Sheri MishibinijimaBoard Member
June ManitowabiBoard Member
Wendy DebassigeBoard Member
M Shannon ManitowabiBoard Member
Andrea JacobsBoard Member
Martha WabegijigBoard Member
Mandy RichardBoard Member


Rolanda Manitowabi
Executive Director
705-859-2324 ext. 225

Yvonne Pangowish
Executive Assistant
705-859-2324 ext. 224

Alfreda Trudeau
Assistant Director
705-859-2324 ext. 223

Christopher Johnston
Treatment Manager
705-859-2324 ext. 146

Tashina Shawongonabe
Administrative Support
705-859-2324 ext. 200

Deb Mishibinijima
Intake Worker
705-859-2324 ext. 159

Myra Kitchikake
Intake Clerk
705-859-2324 ext.160

Yvonne Recollet
Treatment Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 142

Martha McLeod
Treatment Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 156

Cheryl Pheasant
Treatment Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 155

Lindsay Trudeau
Treatment Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 144

Kim Kitchikeg
Community Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 231

Terry Beaudry
Community Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 162

Julie Eby
Community Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 228

Ashley Jacko
Community Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 147

Lizanne Leclair
Community Counsellor
705-859-2324 ext. 161

Mary Ellen Kitchikake
Cultural Support Worker
705-859-2324 ext. 110

Arcadia Kagige
PAR Coordinator
705-859-2324 ext. 232

Peter Shawana
705-859-2324 ext. 234

Cheyenne Kitchikake
705-859-2324 ext. 234

We also have a team of wonderful full-time and part-time attendants & cooks that provide excellent support within our Residential Treatment Program.

Interested in joining our team?

As we continue to grow, we are always happy to accept resumes and applications to work within our vibrant team. Contact us today to submit your resume and we will keep it on file for upcoming postings. Miigwetch.